Social Evenings

Paul and David leaving party 2022

Lee after answering 5 questions successfully was offered the opportunity to go to Manchester to have his photograph taken with the previous years cup. Which is a long held dream of Lee’s, who is an avid city fan.

Here’s the team preparing the room for jubilee week.

Jubilee event

Oasis Café will be running an afternoon tea Tuesday – and including Friday- Jubilee Event.

Here’s Tony, Danny and Janice enjoying the start of the Jubilee week. It was Cyril, Graham, Leslie and Bev who entertained everyone with music each afternoon.

It was a successful week which culminated into a weekend of partying, laughter and fun celebrating the queens platinum Jubilee.

Here is the new addition to our Skills Centre. A chess club. Paul an avid player is leading the way, he has three members to date. The next film night will be Queens Gambit to encourage our players. And who knows!  maybe a community chess competition in the spring

One of our dear customers May has now reached the wonderful age of 90. On Friday 2nd of November, family and friends gathered together in Oasis cafe to celebrate, Mays 90 years of life. May was pleasantly surprised by the number of people that showed up.  Graham played Love Changes Everything a nice start to a fun filled Afternoon.

Oasis cafe events for November

Saturday the 3rd of November another amazing afternoon with a variety musical talent from Strings Music studio students.

Young persons first experience at rapping a song in front of a crowd of people. The oasis cafe rang with the sounds of clapping and whistling and loads of encouragement.

IMG_20181028_104551_527 (1)

Monday the 5th of November  a Sing Along for older people, presenting the sound of music songs with a quiz. And lots of lovely cakes. all served by members of the skill centre.

Below members and customers alike enjoying a unique experience provided by jean one of our customers. A line dancing tutorial! our member tony(far left) dusting off the old boots from his ventures at the warehouse project…


Alex enjoying his winnings after coming out top in the cafes quiz night…


Monthly sing a long and afternoon tea on Monday the 30th.

Invited to the Gorton Monastery on Saturday 12th of may to celebrate Caroline’s way an amazing evening, food was delicious, company was enjoyable, entertainment was brilliant. Thank you to carol! one of our oasis cafe customers for the invite.


above pictures of Richard, Janice, Pam and Beverly at the  Monastery.

Festival of ageing(for the young at heart)

4 people from the workshop attended the chai pani event which included free vegetarian refreshments for all, entertainment by magician and a raffle prize draw. This free event is for all the people aged 50+ who live in Tameside. Members enjoyed interesting tasty food, entertained by excellent magician and Pam won a free meal for two at lily’s Indian restaurant. Brilliant time had by all.


Another lovely afternoon with our older generation. singing songs and listening to Yorkshire poems, a real brain teaser quiz with Alan. Chocolate mint cake and buns galore wonderful time had by all. The songbirds brought wonderful renditions of old and new song. Hats off to you ladies!


Event on monday the 9th a themed social event with music from the song birds and a quiz from tony the man. (picture of Richard, Alex and tony enjoy the event above as well as the songbird trio).

Hats created by the members for the old time music hall afternoon.

Old Time Music Hall Afternoon- Entertaining the older generation, enjoying a selection of cakes, tea and coffee. Hats made for the celebration by the members of the skills center.