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Welcome to our website, we’re an independent mental health charity based in Ashton-Under-Lyme who provide long-term opportunities for people who are aiming to rebuild their lives and improve their social integration.


Heres Richard with Sharna our student for 2 weeks hes passing on his amazing skills of jewellery making.

Brightening up the cafe chairs for the spring with vibrant colours, everybody involved. Learning new upholstery skills.


Heres Micheal our newest volunteer teaching Paul the Basic principles of Guitar playing.


Last week Julie the volunteer came and taught the Members how to make lip gloss with honey and natural ingredients. They were made of orange and mint.

Winter is here…

We have realized the allotment  needed a clean up and we have dug over all the beds in preparation for the manure from the nearby equestrian centre, to be spread on the beds next week. Phew smelly work.! ! but such fun working together. The winter months will break down and enrich our soil, ready for the spring.  Well done ! Paul, David, Billy,  Carl and Janice. All had a a great time laughing and chatting working hard was a brilliant day for gardening.

Thanks guys for your support and encouragement.

  Making a Difference- Tameside

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