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Welcome to our website, we’re an independent mental health charity based in Ashton-Under-Lyne, who provide long-term opportunities for people who are aiming to rebuild their lives and improve their social integration.

Important Message from our Project Manager

Hello Everyone, members and Oasis customers, this is a difficult time for many  people. We hope that you are all following the guidelines to help the NHS deal with the virus.

We are now open for takeaways. As a Training Skills Centre we will not be open until government guidelines for schools.

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Hopefully it will not be too long before we are together again, in the mean time, keep contact with family and friends as best you can, even a short word on the phone or email with someone can make all the difference to how you feel.

Should you need support or help, or encouragement please email me and I will contact you – or ring 07142925873 and leave a message,  I will aim to get back to you within the shortest possible time. Those living alone are priority, so if you have family who are supportive please ring them first.


An Update Post:


The team has decided it would be a positive experience to share some stories from our members and the ways in which they are handling the quarantine away from Making a Difference. Obviously as support isn’t as readily available we can put into perspective the impact a facility like the Oasis Skills Cafe has too local communities.

Below a few anecdotes from some of our dearest members, some not entirely positive, however it is important to remember everyone is in the same boat. Remember to be optimistic and try to make the most it. From now on any content and quarantine related updates such as Davids Hospital Story will be moved to the new page: Post Pandemic Blues.

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P –       “These are very challenging times for us mere human beings.”

“It made me think how important freedom really is to everyone. Things I’m finding hard is not seeing my grandchildren a

nd friends. Another thing I am missing is my sport and playing a round of golf. Isolation is not good for me either, but thank God there is social media. ( smiley face). Everybody has to adapt to this terrible virus and soldier on. But I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. So, to all my friends and everyone, stay safe and things will get better for sure.”

D  –       “Isolation means to me and  lock down means to me exactly that,  how I feel, isolated.  But it has also given me time for reflection, and time to stand still and look around myself look at the lovely nature we have, contact my friends and family through what’s app, is a really good way of keeping in contact with people, time for people, listening to others caring about others. This is what lock down means to me.”

S  –     “The past few weeks has made me feel distant from everything and everybody. I have to try to keep my spirits up no matter what is happening.”

T  –   ” Isolation itself is not a problem for me, when I was seriously depressed I was isolated and  didn’t mix with anyone or go out for two years, didn’t want to go out.  Isolation this time, after being used to going out, being involved with people and having a purpose, is difficult, in the respect that I don’t have a choice. Going to the corner shop is an exciting event for me as I see people and am able to talk to people, not having a choice is the hardest thing.”



Thank you for your continued support.

Stay safe.



Janice and Tony on a country walk on Pennine way. Really good would recommend as long as you’ve got a strong pair of legs and a decent pair of boots.

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