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Welcome to our website, we’re an independent mental health charity based in Ashton-Under-Lyme who provide long-term opportunities for people who are aiming to rebuild their lives and improve their social integration.

Sober for October 

David & Paul decided to go “Sober for October” to encourage each other, both have been aiming to overcome this addiction.They both agreed that to complete this month would seriously help them along the path to recovery. Also they decided they would support the Skills Centre as an added incentive, ( thank you both from all at the centre)
Everyone is cheering them on, they are texting each other daily with support.
Both men are working hard to recover, also giving such a lot to the Centre, we appreciate you both so much. 👍 A very big thank you from members, staff and customers.
Keep going “one day at a time, ” we are all behind you cheering you on.



Day Trip to Salford Quays & The War Museum

On a warm sunny day on Wednesday 2nd October, 7 members including volunteers,  took the tram to Salford Docks. We walked through the amazing architecture and alongside the river to the War Museum . The trees turning golden and yellow contrasted beautifully against the structures of the buildings and suspension bridges.Paul commented” We had a great day, I met a pensioner who walked with me around the museum, gave me some really  good information on the war days.”David ” The day out at the WMN was really interesting, reading about about both 1st & 2nd world wars. The film showing different experiences of the trenches, the sounds of war made it more real, a very moving experience,worth paying a visit. ”



Wayne Jones has been our systems administrator for 12 months and is now about to leave. Id like to give a massive thank you from everyone at making a difference. As well as helping out of the charity shop and serving in the Oasis cafe and has been a brilliant support to everyone. Including me, Janice! We wish you much success in your new job. It has been a pleasure to have worked with you.


A note from Wayne (Thats him on the far right)

“I would like to thank Janice, who gave a chance even with such a large job gap before i joined on a placement that became paid. I would like to thank everyone, my fellow staff, members past and present who make the centre what it is, the volunteers i loved working with, also our loyal cafe customers who help with out knowing you help. It is with a sad, heavy heart i leave my position, but hey-ho, you’re not gonna get rid of me anyway, best flat white in Ashton, Thank you all”

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