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Welcome to our website, we’re an independent mental health charity based in Ashton-Under-Lyme who provide long-term opportunities for people who are aiming to rebuild their lives and improve their social integration.

Funding for Richard


Richard a member of the Skills Centre  needs help with his house and garden.  Members from Making a Difference Tameside want to help,  but the finances for a job such as this are not available in our funds. We will be volunteering in the renovation and some gardening. As much as this will help it will not solve all the problems, but  it will go a long way to improving the quality of his life and help towards a better, happier future. Our fund raising site is up now on JustGiving and any donations would be greatly appreciated.


A trip too Llandudno, ravenous flocking seagulls and melting ice cream cones included. Plus a journey up the great Orme on a fairly sunny and misty day interspersed with showers.



The NCS lot are back again with a whole team of new teens to help around and raise money . Gang signs up representing good moral values and helping others.


Up and coming events 2019- COME ALONG! and join in on the fun! 


If you would like to make a contribution to Making a Difference Tameside contact our                                                                    office for more details.                                                                          making a difference

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