Arts and Crafts

Below a selection of crafts and items created at the workshop. For more check out our Instagram account. Extra content posted there daily! đź’–

Pam one of our members has created a variety of knitted items including 2 draft door stoppers, one of a dog and one a patch work collage. A whimsical frog plushy great for a child you can sit him on your window sill.

As well as this, a plethora of musical theme coasters with many of your favorite musical symbols. All for sale in the down stairs cafe for reasonable prices!





Preparing summer scenes for the cafe.



Christine and student Faye knitting Snood hoods. christine demonstrates her skills and a snood hood she knitted above.


Yvonne trying out a new craft designing lamp shades.


Come and enjoy the crafts made by members (below) Christmas stockings filled with chocolate, candle holders made by Tony out of Richards Cherry tree from his garden. And lots of Christmas cards made by Beverly and co.



On a cold wet windy Tuesday…


Members and volunteers took turns covering the crafts market stall with the goal of raising funds for the skills center. Well done to everyone!



Don’t throw your tins away guys recycle them or cover them with decoupage paper. perfect for holding pens, scissors and as a bank for your spare pennies. selling a pound a tin to raise fund for the skills center. All christmas gifts are made by members.




A Bride preparing to meet her groom. Made by Susan.



One of our more creative members Miriam making a collection of different craft items and decorative pieces, some for sale in the oasis cafe. Here making a difference teaches many of the members to develop or find skills in such areas. You can find many of Miriam’s crafts on the website or in store today!

You are my sun shine, my only sun shine, you make me happy, when sky’s are grey… another wonderful creation by Miriam.


Two floral lamp shades for sale in the oasis cafe made by a Miriam.



Another flare of imagination from Richard with two different sets of earrings crafted in the workshop (for sale in the cafe).



This week a selection of crafts displayed including a beautiful patch work cushion (created by Pam). Some crafts including the bee below which was created by children coming in for the weekly children’s craft event during the school holidays.  As well as a a lovely cabinet renovated  by Tony (art-deco cabinet). To be sold in the amazing Charity shop on Stamford street. Opposite Oasis cafe.




A variety of crafts including bracelets, custom made guitars and lovely wooden toys. Everything below is on sale to the public at oasis cafe. Everything is made and crafted in house.



This week a few people enjoyed clay craft making children’s broaches





Richard at it again with a variety of new crafts(sold in house at oasis cafe). Including this very intricate and pretty jewellery covered wall decoration.





A variety of new crafts from the work shop which include 2 custom guitars created by Richard the house craftsmen. These pieces will be up for sale very soon.





Richard is doing an amazing job restoring old items such as box and a guitar.(all items are for sales in the shop).





Pam has completed an amazing sausage dog draft exclude-r.



The Final product:






Homage to Vincent Van Gogh’s earlier work this take on the sunflower, (one of a collection of two still paintings by the legendary artist).




Like a rhinestone cowboy. Richard lookin awfully dapper with his designer guitar for sale in the café. Check out other crafts made by members, in the shop.




Crafts for children( school holidays only)- the children have attempted at making a variety of colourful abstract creations. SHELL SPIDER!!!!!! watch out. As well as some very interesting hand puppets made out of toilet rolls and some craft creations for the shop.