Our guitars needed a bit of love and care so Richard decided to refurbish a few with custom rhinestones. As well as this, bought new strings for one of our guitars and replaced them below. Thank you Richard our in house guitar handler!



Richard takes old unloved guitars and brings them back to life with a host of decorative stones. Richard has a real desire to decorate everything in sight with rhinestones! come view the displayed pieces of work(all working order and for sale at various prices).



Young persons first experience at rapping a song in front of a crowd of people. The oasis cafe rang with the sounds of clapping and whistling and loads of encouragement.


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drumming lessons with strings taking on two members with a unique jamming experience. also Richard(picture on the right) going absolutely raucous! on the drumming equipment.



Richard and the gang just a few months away from their world tour. A new experience brought to you by no other then strings the man(who never gets a mention ever on this page). helping the members find the talent they thought they never had.



More jamming sessions with strings in the making a difference studio. Absolute raucous!



Strings Music Studio has loaned his drum kit to Making a Difference for a unique music experience. Members enjoyed drumming lessons taught by the man himself.





Below a picture of Richard practicing for the sing along on Monday 5th of March. Strings studio supporting the teenagers and young people to practice in the Oasis cafe on occasional Saturdays call in and check us out!

Early days with Dan Strings Studio performances at Oasis Cafe


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Strings music studio performances – Oasis Cafe along with a collaboration from Strings Music Studio hosted a display of talent and music from 15 different musicians of different ages.  On occasional Saturdays lunch times Dan will be bringing in musicians for experience.




Dans music students event  has begun again once a month. We had a great time and front row seats to young and slightly older up and coming future  musicians and groups. Awesome. brilliant to listen to young people developing their skills and gifts. .  Thankyou Dan and team.

Please check back soon as we will be adding more photos and information in the coming months.