Following from the wet windy January – March season the atrium is full of colour as the Summer has brought out the hanging baskets.

Our allotment is now thriving with potatoes,onion, sprouts and melon and courgettes. See below our allotment May 2019. Tenderly cared for by Billy our manager and team on Wednesday. The lavender which is providing the bees sweet nectar for foraging is blooming.


Paul and David in the process of building the barbecue ready for summer… New pictures coming soon.  keep on the look out…👀 almost hear the sausages sizzle 🌭 UPDATE* barbecue finished! hooray! this Wednesday a barbecue and film night( only for members). A movie based on a true story Sully miracle on the Hudson. Sausages burger and a nail biting film. Tom Hanks gives a suspenseful and riveting performance the untold true story behind the miracle on the Hudson.



Making a Difference Tameside small allotment in the yard has a few new additions. Some new hanging baskets and flowers as well as vegetable buds.


2019- Spring is here’ and so its time to prepare the allotment for planting and sowing. here is Billy and Paul having dug their why through weeds and manure revealing strong healthy worms and rich soil.

Seeds of onions, parsnips, tomato and beetroots being grown at the center to be planted very soon when the weather gets warmer.  Well Done! Billy and Paul.




Below some lovely flowers ready for the hanging baskets to sell in the shop and onions ready for the allotment. looking forward to the heat wave were expecting at the allotment Wednesday morning.




Spring is around the corner we are getting ready with a new green house with an assortment of new plants and vegetables being prepared by David for the allotment. Below is the cold frame created by our members finally put in use to protect small plant and allow seeds to germinate.



The members of making a difference using their team working abilities building a cold frame to start the growth of our seedlings for the allotment.



The Finished Project:



Cabbage contest

The first cabbage from allotment in Droylesden at the Moravian settlement is being used as a fund raiser  as customer guess its weight in the cafe.



During the months from Spring through to Autumn we make many visits our local allotment where we grow vegetables and plants for use at the workshop.

Here are a few photos, but please check back soon for more!

6th of June 2017 : preparing the allotment for new produce: onions, beetroot, cabbage and raspberries.


2015- cabbage, sweet corn, onions and beetroot the size of bowling balls. Beetroot is taken back to the workshop where they were pickled and prepared.


2011: early days for the adventurous people growing veg.