Day Trips

Day Trip to Salford Quays & The War Museum

On a warm sunny day on Wednesday 2nd October, 7 members including volunteers,  took the tram to Salford Docks. We walked through the amazing architecture and alongside the river to the War Museum . The trees turning golden and yellow contrasted beautifully against the structures of the buildings and suspension bridges.Paul commented” We had a great day, I met a pensioner who walked with me around the museum, gave me some really  good information on the war days.”David ” The day out at the WMN was really interesting, reading about about both 1st & 2nd world wars. The film showing different experiences of the trenches, the sounds of war made it more real, a very moving experience,worth paying a visit. ”





A trip too Llandudno, ravenous flocking seagulls and melting ice cream cones included. Plus a journey up the great Orme on a fairly sunny and misty day interspersed with showers.


Gauntlet Birds of Prey Eagle and Vulture Park in Knutsford, Cheshire

Day trip out for members too this amazing park. Do visit it, its awesome!

David Chapman                                                                           Fri, Jul 26, 4:07 PM

Knutsford Bird Santuary 2019

Making a difference Tameside arranged a day trip to Knut ford in Cheshire to visit Gauntlet Conservation trust’s bird sanctuary. Janice, along with members and volunteers travelled by minibus on a bright morning in June. This is my account of the day. I have never visited a bird sanctuary before and found it interesting and informative. After walking around observing different species of birds we were then treated to a display by the girls whose job it is is to look after the birds. They taught us the importance of birds of prey and the conservation of them. There were flying displays and it was interesting to see the different personalities of the species. I found myself becoming curious about vultures and their plight. I had no idea they were so threatened in the wild. We were told, for instance, that 95% of South Asian vultures have been wiped just in the last 15 years. Which I found shocking. They are now on the verge of extinction, mainly due to a veterinary drug called ‘Diclofenac’ which is toxic to any vultures that feed on the carcass of any animal that has been treated with this drug. Diclofenac is banned in India, Nepal and Pakistan but it is still being sold and used illegally. To see vulture’s close-up and learn of their nature was fascinating. They are typically viewed negatively and have a bad reputation, but I see them in a completely different light since visiting the Centre. They are in fact a beautiful and necessary part of the Eco-system. Because of this trip to Knutsford I have started to take an interest in vultures and have signed an online petition calling for Diclofenac to be banned worldwide. All in all it was a great day out and very informative as well.




See above how vultures are not predators but do an amazing job protecting from deadly diseases.

Above a couple of pictures describing the many funny, but interesting ways a Vulture uses vomit to protect itself as well as its young lings. You won’t see Bear Grills doing that!

Vultures eat away at rotting flesh and digest/destroy disease and so are vital parts of many ecosystems around the world. Removing carcasses of dead animals protecting people. Not so bad after all.

Vultures would be fighting a losing battle against poacher’s who poison the carcass then the vultures eat it and die, if it wasn’t for the birds of prey parks who protect and aim to increase the breed  the numbers would reduce further.

Watch out for David’s report on Vultures, he has become very interested in their protection

A cheeky boy Pelican strutting around and doing a bit of gardening. He does love the taste of Ranunculus Repens and Taraxacum weeds they do tickle his fancy.

Above an assortment of many pictures from the event. Many magnificent as well as wacky and sometimes hilarious birds, ferrets and farm animals. And if you look closely you might just spot a Making a Difference Tameside Member!






…A new year’s day walk to Uppermill up the canal to Grampa Green’s ice cream Parlour. Didn’t get an ice cream in this weather because we’re already cool dudes 😎

Nutsford falcon center in Cheshire

29th of October- what a fantastic fun filled enjoyable time for 15 members and volunteers at the falcon center. Here are a few snippets of some very quirky looking birds. Try it out you’ll love it. Janice’s favorite bird (nicknamed Spike) with long legs blue eye shadow and a Mohawk top.



Spike is 19 years old, would only live to 10 years old in the wild. in his prime he would run 25 miles per hour. Unfortunately he suffers from arthritis in his legs. Now only totters along. But still amazing to see, bottom right picture using his little sun lamp to treat his arthritis.





Portland basin outing

On Wednesday 22nd 8 people participated in the Community Spirit narrow boat trip. From the Portland basin a 2 hour trip to Droylesden. Relaxing, refreshing, good company and lots of laughs we ordered fish and chips from the local chippy in Droylesden, mince pies to follow. An enjoyable time, all members had a turn at steering the boat it was quite an experience.





When walking back happy refreshed we came across these amazing bikes:




Birmingham weekend

Birmingham weekend away: a trip to the BBC cake and flower show. three member and two volunteers enjoyed a weekend away experiencing good food, music, dancing, amazing cakes and flowers. Micheal Roux demonstrated a cold cherry soup and chocolate dessert. on the band stand they played 50’s music and dressed in all the attire from that Era. Some of the many bonsai trees on exhibit took hundreds of years to grow. everyone had a brilliant time and came back rested and refreshed.



In July a day out in Marple with an Oasis customer May: members enjoy a day out in Marple, supporting older people. 



9th of September: The members set off too the great Orme tramlines for a day of fun and activities which included bird watching, beach walking and sight seeing.