Young Danny is not only a good cook and barista but has just recently spent a week with reform radio in Manchester. where he developed a podcast and edited it. Well done Danny – June 2022

A new addition to the café menu. Mixed fruit marmalade. Here’s Christine and Bev working hard at peeling oranges, lemons and limes. Sterilising the jam bottles. Resulting in tasty marmalade.
Here’s Andy who passed his Food Hygiene and other relevant cooking qualifications, is looking to develop his skills working towards having his own business in the future – 2022

Above a few pictures of some lovely regular customers. Many familiar faces today at Oasis cafe. Some to work, others for coffee, others to socialise. Always a friendly atmosphere and never a sad face. All served by Amanda and Shannon our student placement, who has done amazingly well learning about coffee and customer service. Tasty scones made by Oliver our volunteer.

A new member already showing signs of master chef baking quality. A delicious chocolate cake finished with a variety of chocolate decorative techniques. This week will be good insight into the process of making chocolate twirls and shards.

Here is Adele making home-made meringues for twelve health workers, on the 21st of May who came in for an afternoon meal consisting of quiches, 3 deserts and everyone was happy and satisfied.

Terry and Olivers Cooking. Angel cake and Scones: Oliver having a cheeky munch on the scones hes made.

A strawberry cheesecake made from cream-cheese and set in the fridge, a delicious cold treat.

One of our Members cooking a beautiful lemon cheesecake. The traditional way of creating a cheese cake in the oven finished with a delicious buttery biscuit base. Mhmmm tasty…

Terry making a lovely ginger cake, his first at the skills center. A developing patisserie chef. Next week you can find his delicious chocolate fudge cake for sale in the cafe.



Billy, Paul, Paul and Adele. creating an amazing lunch of banger,mash and vegetables followed by apple crumble and custard from £3.00.

billy has been cooking take a meal for anyone homeless . As of yet only 3 people have taken up the offer? please pass the word around guys! 12-1pm every Wednesday.

Here’s Adele making home-made jam and adding the filling in to a wonderful sponge cake to be sold in the cafe…

Adele made a wonderful and tasty walnut sponge cake…


Here’s Diana cooking up a storm with a victoria sandwich, nothing burning it’s just a smokey picture.

David training Billy on how to make soup for the cafe. yum.

Joel a young student on placement getting ready for college in September. Developing his skills by creating a variety of cakes including chocolate buns and coffee and fudge cake with a volunteer(Diane on the right). Delicious!

Adele teaching Paul how to cook and through these teaching Paul has now become amazing at making pastry